Dropped packets/broken TCP connections

I'm posting this in this group because I believe that this problem could have something to do with TCP connections not working properly via our provider. If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it.

-- SETUP Cisco 2811 ISR on 4mbit metro ethernet. ~200 users

Problem Web pages are coming up either a) perfectly b) half mangled with some images and screwed up tables or c) not at all

There is no pattern as to when or why a page might not come up. Most of this happens at lunchtime while people sit at their desks and browse. More usage = more of this problem. Tried cranking up the bandwidth to

10mbit and still had the same problem.

Example: This is what a webpage might look like: This is what the capture looks like: I realize that retransmissions are normal, and this is what a normal loss/retransmit should look like(taken from my home and office connection: Notice the 'Continuation packets' in the good packet loss image. I don't get those on the problem network.

I've troubleshot this down to the ISR and provider uplink. The provider from their NOC said that everythign on the line looked good and we don't have a ton of dropped packets on the ISR which one might expect. Any ideas? I've been working on this for weeks.

Thanks, Adam

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You are getting resets from the web server. That certainly is not normal. My first gut feel is that your NAT tables on the routers are getting screwed up. Have you looked for NAT bugs on CCO?

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