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I'm new to firewalling anything beyond the basics, and I have our Watchguard up and running and have moved one of our web sites behind it, so we're starting to see some traffic through it. I'm a tiny bit concerned that people with legitimate connections might be getting blocked because of some of the rules in the firewall.

For example, this first IP ( seems to be a Comcast user trying to bring up a web site. Can someone give a brief insight into the reasons the firewall is blocking these connections?

"TCP RST packet without an associated connection" "TCP SYN checking: connection not established yet [-A---F];"

2007-11-19 21:02:56 Deny http/tcp 52480 80 0-External unknown TCP RST packet without an associated connection, firewall drop 40 241 (internal policy) tcpinfo="offset 5 R 1327508525 win 0"

2007-11-19 21:03:17 Deny http/tcp 52488 80

0-External 1-Trusted TCP SYN checking: connection not established yet [-A---F], firewall drop 52 49 (internal policy) tcpinfo="offset 8 FA 942952889 win 65535"

I'm also seeing some of these "Unhandled External Packet-00" connections being denied.

2007-11-19 21:14:04 Deny 54122/tcp 80 54122 0-External 1-Trusted denied 44 48 (Unhandled External Packet-00) tcpinfo="offset 6 SA 363997396 win 5840"

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First, without knowing what rules you created there is little way to be sure what you have blocking for what reason.

Normally, the inbound connections only get blocked for a couple reasons:

1) No rule permitting inbound access 2) Malformed packets 3) Attack detected, IP blocked for 20 minutes automatically 4) Source IP part of hard block list

I've got a LOT of watchguard firewalls in service all over the country, what Model and what firmware are you using?

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what's so hard to understand about that ... RST packets which are not part of an existing established connections should be dropped ! sounds like a portscan to me or some responses to spoofed connection attempts

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