is it possible to inject tcp packets in a tcp connection?


I'm wondering if I can inject packets into an already established tcp connection.

at a specific moment, I should be able to hold out-going packet and inject custom created packet. then I should be able to increment sequence numbers for all the packets that i have hold and all subsequent outgoing packets.

I'm thinking of using libnet to inject packets. but I'm not sure of how to make sure tcp sequence numbers are intact.

I'd prefer window platform for development.

Thanks in advance.

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it's much easier to do a MITM attack by implementing a TCP proxy. That means, you're simulating Alice for Bob, and you're simulating Bob for Alice, so that you have two TCP connections.

Yours, VB.

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Volker Birk

For Windows, you should rather look at WinPCap. The source code package already ships with various examples of ARP spoofing, TCP packet generators etc.

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