LF: Crossover Ethernet Cable 25 feet

I'm looking for a crossover cable about 25 feet or 7.5 meters. I would assume that a place like Nortel should have some of those lying around, if not someone can easily make it for me. Please name your price. I would prefer to have it ASAP. Thanks.

~Kelvin Ng

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Kelvin Ng
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Buy a 3ft xover cable and a CAT5 male-male adapter and use it to extend a standard patch cable.

Make it red. Make sure it's labeled "crossover". The factory-made cables I've all have been labeled.

Put a long xover cable into operation and one of these days it will drive you nuts when you forget.

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Al Dykes

You can also just buy a 25-foot Crossover cable from NetCablesPlus:

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They have good quality cables, in my experience.



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This bothers me. Check out carefully this post (hint: ignore the content):

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If you Google the newsgroups for
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you can find more examples of what appears to be John recommending them speaking as a third party. What's the real deal?


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