Do two Transceivers = Collision Domain?

To settle an old argument, do two transceivers with a cable between them (of PHD spec lenght) constitute a valid collision domain? Years ago I was told that was considered extremely bad practice....

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Hal Kuff
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Sure, why not? If they both talk at the same time, they'll collide. [Well, unless they are full-duplex, but then there are no collisions, so talking about a domain for them isn't sensical...]

What was? To put two transcievers on a cable? To consider that a collision domain?

Maybe I'm missing something, what's "PHD spec lenght"?

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William P. N. Smith

Sorry I meant PHY, that is to say the cable length would satisfy minimum length .....Honestly, there seemed a debate occuring in past years about whether the spec supported the use of transceivers in this manner.

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Hal Kuff

In the case of 10/100/1000BASE-T, having only two transceivers connected by a proper cable is the ONLY way to connect them. Unlike

10BASE2/10BASE5 (coaxial Ethernet), you cannot have more than two transceivers connected to a given cable.

Whether those two transceivers comprise the entire collision domain or only a portion of it is a function of the hub device (bridge/switch vs. repeater). Remember, the hub device has an internal transceiver for each port, and all 10/100/1000BASE-T configurations use only point-to-point links between pairs of transceivers.

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Rich Seifert

Any chance of a translation into English for native speakers?

Back in co-ax days, there was a recommended minimum distance between nodes for proper collision resolution, if that has any relevance to the question.

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