UTP 'segments'

hub Does each cable run between transceivers / \ on a 10baseT or 100baseTX LAN constitute / \ an individual segment? I have read that hub hub on a 10baseT Ethernet I can have up to 5 /|\ /|\ segments between any two nodes O O O O O \ (workstations, servers, printers etc. I'm \ not sure what the proper designation is. hub 'end-points'?) /|\ O O O I have also read that on a 100baseTX Ethernet, I can only have two segments between nodes. If I'm reading this right, and each of the links is a segment, then the sketched example would be valid for 10baseT, but not for 100baseTX unless I replace some of the hubs with switches to break things up.

I have heard hubs described both as multi-port repeaters and as the collapsed equivalent of a 10base2 segment. Perhaps the second analogy refers more to collision domains though. Do 1000baseCX and 1000baseT share the 100baseTX limit of two segments between nodes? Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever seen a gigabit hub (that wasn't really a switch).

- Andy.

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