Simulating Network Latency

Been looking for a program that can simulate network latency. We have a problem with an embedded controller, that seems to suffer from network latency. Most of our clients are using networks that feed from a Mfg plant to a corporate network. We are afraid that the delay is significant, and that our application times out.

I have seen "DUMMYNET", for Linux. I am basically looking for a Windows solution. A multihomed PC or Laptop, running software that can slow down (add delay) to packets. WE want to test inhouse.

Let me know if you know any programs.

Thank you

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It's not very difficult to write such a thing, I hacked up a traffic generator in C under DOS a few years back using the packet interface, which does most things you need. Besides, if you develop it yourself, it's trivial to add features...

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William P. N. Smith

I am not aware of a free windows solution.

Installing linux sounds easier to me that writing the code.

There are commercial solutions. Maybe you could hire one.

Maybe DummyNet is for FreeBSD?

[I have not looked at these sites for a while; caveat emptor]

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looks like the HOME page.

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's Network Performance links Has *network emulators* list. Good.

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Network test software NetDisturb, LanTraffic V2, IP Traffic - Test & Measure.

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Only Windows based software that I know of is Shunra's product.

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