Connecting two comp. over wireles lan adapter

But a WiFi access point.

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read "getting started"

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Al Dykes
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I have two computers with Win XP (SP1) and now I want to install wireless LAN adapter so I could connect them. What is the install procedure and is there something alse I shoud know before I start. Lan adapter is Planet WL 8310 Thanks a lot

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You can buy Wifi Lan adapters (PCI or USB) and use the peer to peer mode or better yet buy Wifi router, in case you want to share broadband connection or want to add other devices and computers. But it's fairly easy.

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The two modes are called

Infrastructure - i.e. with an access point.

Ad-hoc - e.g. between two PC's.

You have to choose which one you want in the setup of the card.

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