cisco switch

I know in switch we cant monitor IP flow.

But is there any possibility to check IP flow for my cisco switch?

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Depends. El cheapo switches just switch. Managed switches also tell you what they switched :-) (or, for that matter, why it didn't :-)

Given the brandname, chances are, that your switch is of the managed type. There must be some fine manual somewhere :-)

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Gerard Bok

That depends on the model of switch, and on which software revision you are using, and upon which cards you have installed in the switch.

The keywords you should look for in the Feature Navigator are SPAN and RSPAN.

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on the resulting page, request Search By Feature and in the search box enter SPAN and click on Search. In the Available Features box that comes up, click on Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) and click on the Add> button. Then click on the Continue button, and take it from there.

If your model of switch does not come up in the Platform box, then either SPAN is not available on your switch, or your switch is too old to be indexed by the Feature Navigator, or the feature is only available on very new software releases; or possibly there is an error in the feature database. You can go back to the Feature Navigator main page and choose Search By Image or one of the other searches and see what features are supported on the software you have now.

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