Cisco Aironet 350: remote reboot


I have a pair of Cisco bridges that sometimes I need to reboot. The problem is that I can't find how to do that remotely.

The web interface doesn't seem to have such an option. (BTW, in that, the bridges identify themselves as "Cisco 350 Series Bridge 12.04")

The telnet interface doesn't appear to be the usual IOS interface. What appears is something that seems to be called "Console Browser", which seems a text interface to the web interface.

I don't have manuals for this equipment (we "inherited" them from another department), so I searched the web, but what I found seems to describe a different interface (different versions of the firmware ?):

formatting link

Does anybody happen to have such a bridge and knows how to do a remote reboot ?

Thanks in advance

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Rui Pedro Mendes Salgueiro
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Solved: the option I wanted ("restart system now") is hidden below "Setup", "Cisco Services", "Manage System Configuration"

(the first step is somewhat obvious, but the second and third are rather non-obvious.)

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