cat5e vs. cat5E?

Hi everyone:

I was recently told to purchase an ethernet cable for our 10/100/1000 switched LAN, and was specifically asked to get a CAT5E (capital e), and not a CAT5e (lower case e). An A/V engineer who I generally respect is the one who suggested this, but I'd always thought they were about the same.

Can anyone say for sure whether or not there's a difference between lower and upercase e?

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John Sherling
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Not that I know of there are diferent cable types for plenum/nonplenum/ fire retardent use and your local building regs may require a particular type depending on where you are based.

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Absolutely positively the same cable. He probably wanted to emphasize the fact that he wanted a decent CAT5E cable, not the "everything-one-dollar-store" variety. Just my wild guess.

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Hi John,

both relate to exactly the same specification EIA/TIA-568B. It makes no difference at all whether you write it in lower case or in a capital letter. In other words, I have never seen a different specification for these writings.

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