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I have a question... I'm wiring a home and am running multiple CAT5e cables to rooms. Can I terminate both of these on CAT5e jacks, 8 conductor ones and have voice phones that use RJ11 and such still plug in and operate properly. What pinnout is needed. If someone can enlighten me.


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Matt Michaels
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Matt Michaels wrote in part:

The Cat5e jacks will have a color code on them. Use it, preferably the T-568A new residential std (rather than the industrially more common T-568B). Then your voice line #1 will be on the center blue pair, and your voice line #2 will be on the straddling orange pair.

You will still have to patch the right cables into the right service.

The RJ45 will work as RJ11s, and surprisingly securely. But some people are still worried about the high plastic deforming pins 1&2, 7&8 although this was said to be solved years ago. Personally, I prefer RJ11 jacks. The price difference isn't as much now, but it still saves confusion. Leave a service loop so rejacking [rare] is easy.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

Cat5 and it's cousins are performance standards. There are various wiring standards for Voice, Home Data, Office Data, etc... 568B is mainly for business and 568A for home. 568A has the ability to use the same jack wiring for phones and data. But I dislike this. I get calls from folks with this setup who ask all the time which jack is it? I do blue for data 568B and USOC white for voice in my own home.

Leviton isn't the cheapest but you can get all their manuals and catalogs online and it's REAL handy for home use to be able to drive down to Home Depot at 8 PM Saturday and pick up the odd jack or wall plate.

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replying to Robert Redelmeier, nickadam wrote: Both methods are clearly define in this image [IMG]

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