Beyond level 1


I am a student working on something related to a relay network.

We have decided to interface to computers via their LAN cards.

I was able to find plenty of information on the internet regarding all levels from 8 to 1, but all of which irrelevant to us.

We are wondering what the NIC is actually relaying over the cables, that is, if we hooked it up to an osciloscope (which we do not have at this stage), would the data being relayed over the network be a plain stream of binary data, a modulated pulse at a certian frequency or multiple overlapping modulated pulses at diffirent frequencies?

We need this data to be able to create a circut capable of relaying the available data over our relay hardware in a way that it will seem the same when it leaves the NIC on PC 1 as when it arrives on the NIC of PC

2 and of course the other way around too.

Can anybody please help us?

Thank you in advance.

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Jure Sah
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