Xyplex double carriage returns when using tftp

I have a Xyplex 110 and a 1600 that I want to use as a terminal server for my Cisco study lab and have managed to get them to boot from tfpt but I keep getting a double carriage return on my device telnet screens

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I've seen this before but it wasn't related to doing tftp. It was the telnet session itself that was hosed.

When you press the enter button, a Windows client normally sends CR+LF. When you press the enter button, a Unix client normally sends CR. I don't remember all of the details, but the LF seemed to give the Xyplex trouble and caused all sorts of weird things (the output would be hosed after pressing enter).

I seem to recall a command that was supposed to resolve this in the Xyplex. Use this link:

formatting link
and look at the "set/def port x telnet newline y" and "set/def port x telnet newline filtering y" commands on pages 274 and 275.

But to be honest, I don't think I ever got those commands to work the correct way I needed them to, so I ended up always telnetting from a Unix client. Also, from a Windows client, if you press the enter button on the keypad (as opposed to the enter button on the main keyboard part), then the Windows client will only send a CR.

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