Writing SIS File for VPN with Nokia 9500/9300 series


i'm referring to the descreption of Jyri in which he descripes how to create SIS files for a vpn connection with PIX for Nokia 9500/9300.

formatting link

I'm very found that i found some descpription of this problem. Unfortunatly my university has no PIX, they're just using Cisco 3000 series. As the 3000 series is officially supported by the Nokia VPN Client 3.0, it lacks a manual installation routine, the SW wants a server to configure the phone... due to high costs many networks do not have such a sync server.

Anyone has a solution how to write the installation file? The only thing i got are the informations from the cisco conifguration file (for cisco vpn client software) , which i'm posting here:

[main] Description=3DVirtuelles Privates Netz =FCber Funklan Host=3D192.168.168.2 AuthType=3D1 GroupName=3DXXXXX * edited GroupPwd=3D enc_GroupPwd=3DXXXXX * edited EnableISPConnect=3D0 ISPConnectType=3D1 ISPConnect=3D ISPCommand=3D Username=3D SaveUserPassword=3D0 UserPassword=3D enc_UserPassword=3D NTDomain=3DURT EnableBackup=3D0 BackupServer=3D EnableMSLogon=3D1 MSLogonType=3D0 EnableNat=3D1 TunnelingMode=3D0 TcpTunnelingPort=3D10000 CertStore=3D0 CertName=3D CertPath=3D CertSubjectName=3D CertSerialHash=3D00000000000000000000000000000000 SendCertChain=3D0 DHGroup=3D2 ForceKeepAlives=3D0 PeerTimeout=3D90 EnableLocalLAN=3D1

So someone knows how to get this information in a working SIS package?

This would be so great, i'm looking for a solution for weeks.I think this might help a lot of people because no one has a solution for this problem..

Thx a lot you're my last hope getting this damn thing work ;-)

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