VPN with 800 series ADSL


in first sorry for may english, I have a probleme to connect two soho adsl routeur with a VPN, i have two adsl lines and two fixe IP over internet, i can mount the connection when i sh crypto isa sa , status is OK but no traffic between the two lan, if someone have a exemple file IOS config ?

tks for your help

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Christophe SARAGOSTI
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Christophe SARAGOSTI schrieb:

With NAT?

then you'll need the following steps:

1) create an ACL describing the traffic from local to the remote LAN. 2) exclude this traffic from being NATted in the ACL that describes what to NAT.

Both must be done on the remote router, too. The ACLs are mirrored.

With IOS before 12.3(8)T the IPsec decrypted traffic must also

A "sh crypto engine connections active" should the show 3 SAs per connection. One SA for IKE and 2 IPsec SA for dataflow in each direction. You can also look for the output of "sh crypto session details" which also available for lower privileged users.

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Uli Link

Uli Link schrieb:

... be explicitly allowed by the inbound ACL on the WAN respective Dialer interface.

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Uli Link

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