webvpn and thin clients

I am trying SSL VPN ( WebVPN ) as a solution for my customers who need access to the company apps when they are at some Internet kiosks( they have no notebooks with them )

I read the SSL VPN on Cisco website and from what I understand ( I may be wrong as I often am ), I can use the web browser to access my SSH server or to check emails from some kind of "built-in" applets that play the role of an SSH terminal emulater or email client. ( The reason I think that way is because of the phrase "no manual software deployment" and "those users may also need secure access from other remote endpoints, such as Internet kiosks ...)

Is that right ?

I make some tests on the router 2811 with IOS 12.4.1 in order to SSH to my internal Linux server. After I log into the https://myrouter I can go to the window Application Access with the list of something like SSH ....

but I do not see any applet to help me to access the server.

I can open a terminal emulator to the to acess to my Linux server, but that's not what I am trying to do. When I am at a Internet Cafe's PC, I do not have a SSH terminal emulator.

Am I going the wrong way ? Or can I only do that with a Concentrator, not a router ? Or do I miss something on my router configuration ?

Thanks for your advice,


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