VPN/ADSL/Wireless for small office?

If this is not the correct, forum, please point me at one that is ;-).

I'm trying to help a friend who runs a (very) small business. They currently have internet access via a Netgear DG834PN providing ADSL modem, firewall, wired and wireless access. Unfortunately they now want to create a VPN server because their accountant needs access from home.

Now the Netgear DG834G (a downgrade!) has VPN support but does NOT talk to the Cisco VPN Client (which the accountant already uses for other clients). Since two VPN clients seems to be a no-no, is there a Cisco product that has the following features?

  1. Can either replace or work with the DG834PN
  2. Provides a VPN server that works with the Cisco VPN client
  3. Optionally (if replacing the DG834PN) provides ADSL modem, wired and wireless access.

Also, what do I need to be aware of in terms of licencing etc?

Thanks for suggestions. Paul DS.

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Paul D.Smith
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Aha - just found the 857W - looks like the one, unless others say different.

Paul DS

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Paul D.Smith

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