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we have a Router 2503I that we use for dialup. There is an IP pool of addresses. In addition we have a VLAN. Now we would like to use IP addresses dedicated to this VLAN for the dialup connections. So the BRI interface should belong to the VLAN and the router's ethernet port should be capable of VLAN tagging. Is this possible (IOS 12.3(9))?

Regards, Christoph Gartmann

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Christoph Gartmann
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You should be able to use "ip unnumbered" on the BRI interface pointing at the ethernet interface in order to get the BRI interface to essentially use an IP address from the VLAN subnet. As for the VLAN tagging support on the 2503I (802.1Q or ISL), CCO does not yield the information readily. I would suggest that you simply try configuring an 802.1Q or ISL sub-interface on the router as follows

interface ethernet 0.100 encapsulation dot1q 100

or encapsulation isl 100

just to see if the support is there. If the command is accepted, very likely the feature will be supported and you can then try and use it.

You might want to look at

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to read about configuring routing between VLANs.

Cisco da Gama

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Sorry, no support for 802.1q or ISL on the 2500's. As for the rest ciscodagama is right, use an unnumbered interface.

Regards, Erik

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Erik Tamminga

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