Config Question - VPN on 3600 Series

Hello, We've got a 3600 series (3640) in our office here, running

12.3(9) , that we'd like to repurpose as a dedicated IPSec VPN box. We're currently using a 3725 as our main router, with clients on the LAN using NAT through that. What we're looking to accomplish is this:

Having incoming VPN connections from the internet come into the 3640, and get assigned a local (10.0.0.x) lan IP, which they can then go out onto the internet through the NAT on the 3725. The reason for this is that we are tracking usage via netflows on the 3725, and having the VPN clients coming in directly to the 3725 meant that netflows didn't see any of their traffic. The tracking is to provide our customers with usage data for their users.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide any configuration help for me on this, as I'm getting a little lost trying to get it setup myself. Thanks in advance.

Regards Tim

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