using ciso 1131 wifi AP with wifi extender

i'm trying to use a wifi extender with an 1131 ap which is managed via a 4404 wlc. i looks to me like i have both sides configured the same, wpa2-psk, aes, same channel, same bandwidth, same passphrase. i'm running out of ideas. any hints? the extender is an edimax ew7438pn. (don't ask why we're using this particular extender.)

anyone have successful experience w/ this or some other extenders? tnx

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Hi Avraham,

There is no support for using any kind of non-Cisco "wifi extender" or "repeater" with a Cisco Aironet AP. (Note only that, but it won't work.)

I assume that your goal is to extend the range of your wireless coverage without installing another wired AP. With Cisco Unified Wireless, you can do that with the "indoor mesh" feature, which lets you use the 5GHz radio as backhaul. See

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So you could get another 1131 or 1242 and set that up for indoor mesh.



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Aaron Leonard

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