upstream 2960 - fiber or copper?


Will need to deploy 10 or 20 (possibly a lot more later) 2960's for IP phones and Pcs not quite sure which kit should be upstream. Would there be a obvious best choice for copper uplink and an obvious best choice for fiber?



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Hi Martin,

The answer is... It depends...

Usually you use he 2960's for access switches which uplinks to some aggregation switches, usually more centralized installed. Whether you use fiber or copper for the uplink depends on the cablerun. If the cablerun from access switch to aggregation switch is more than 300 feet, you need fiber.

Most switch platforms used for aggregation may have a large number of fiber interfaces or a large number of copper interfaces. Therefore it depends on the aggregation switch.

In most scenarios the choise would be fiber for uplink ports.

Regards, Lars Christensen CCIE #20292

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Lars Christensen

Depends on the distances involved, and what you are hooking into.

Otherwise, there's no difference between copper or fiber for how well it works, the main use for fiber now-a-days is distance considerations.

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Doug McIntyre

Depends on the distance.

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