Existing conduit w/fiber,copper,pull string


I inherited an existing 4" conduit about 200 feet long that has one 90 degree bend. It has an existing 12-strand fiber (currently used), 1x25 pair and 1x50 pair copper, and a pull string.

According to my network admin, the following is a history of how things were installed:

1st pull) 12 strand fiber with string #1 2nd pull) 25 pair copper & string #2 pulled by string #1 (string #1 removed) 3rd pull) 50 pair copper & string #3 pulled by string #2 (string #2 removed)

The pull string #3 may be tangled because the string was pulled with the

50 pair copper.

I want to install a 1" and a 1"1/2 innerduct. Do you recommend I use the current pull string or try to put in another pull string with a shop vac? Also, what a brand/type of innerduct and materials should I use?



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Getting a 1" *and* a 1.5" innerduct into that 4" conduit with everything else thats already in there is going to be tough.

Getting it in there without damaging anything else is *really* going to be tough.

I wouldn't use any more pull string. The string by now is wrapped around the existing cables. Pulling something like innerduct is going to put such stress on the pull string that it may "cut" the sheath of the existing cables. I would go with "mule tape". This is a flat ribbon of woven nylon or kevlar that is incerdibly strong but since it is flat it is almost impossible to get it to cut or slash whatever is already in the conduit.

Good luck!


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John P. Dearing

If you are absolutely certain you need to pull innerduct into a conduit that already has cable, then look at a product called MAXCELL. It is available through Clifford Cable of Vermont. This URL will point you to a Word document that will give a telephone number for contact.

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Another option would be armored (or armoured) fiber cable. No innerduct needed.

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Justin Time

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