Upgrading Cisco 1113 ACS SE

Group, I know cisco is going to be my best resource for this, but there is an issue with my service contract (Cisco has no record of it), and my reseller that we renewed the contract with is out of town for two weeks on vacation...

We have a Cisco ACS SE running software.. Cisco Secure ACS Appliance Management Software Appliance Base Image

It's obviously behind on software releases. We are experiencing crashes with it and I also noticed that one of the release notes for a future patch indicates it resolves another problem we are having. So... I'd like to upgrade..

My problem is, is that there is no obvious chain of updates on their download section for the ACS SE. Do I need to contact Cisco to get the 4.1.x software, or can I just jump to one of the 4.1.x patches on their site?

Has anyone had any experience upgrading this device? Please help. Thanks


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You have to use Product Upgrade Tool to order upgrade CD. You can access it via

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But I'm afraid if Cisco has no record of active SAS contract for your device, waiting for your resseler to get back from vacation might be the only option. Did you try to give TAC serial number and see if they can locate SAS contract?

Regards, Andrey.

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Andrey Tarasov

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