two public ip's on a pix

I have a PIX 501 with two public IP's, one on the interface and one with the static command. Behind the firewall i have two webservers (both listen on port 80).

I am NAT'ing port 80 from both of the public IP's to etch of the servers.

When the two servers sends data out to the Internet they use the same public address (the firewall's interface IP).

Is it possible to change this? I want the second server to use the "static commands IP".

Best Regards Martin

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Yes, for the second one, remove the 'tcp' and port numbers from the static command.

static (inside,outside) tcp PUBLICIP 80 INTERNALIP 80 netmask


static (inside,outside) PUBLICIP INTERNALIP netmask

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Walter Roberson

Thank you walter, It worked :-)

Walter Roberson skrev:

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