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Hello folks

Does anyone know what does "bytes" and "bytes delayed" mean when you do a sho traffic-shape stat

Is "bytes" the total outbound bytes on the PVC?? If so, how can it be smaller than "bytes delayed"??

router>sh traffic-shape stat Access Queue Packets Bytes Packets Bytes Shaping I/F List Depth Delayed Delayed Active Se2/0.801 0 34260790 673347899 2758814

1991701018 no Se2/0.803 0 29306533 2734857450 3927828 2851669852 no Se2/0.804 0 75011411 98453957 2938821 2009853228 no
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This is because in your case bigger packets (that is, more bytes) have been delayed in the traffic shaper's queue, so that's why you have more bytes under delayed column... If you look into packets counter instead of bytes counter then you will notice that you have less packets counted under delay column then that you have under total packets counter...

B.R. Igor

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Igor Mamuzic

Igor, Thanks for the note, actually that is not what I am referring to. The router was showing an anomaly when you do a show traffiic-shap stat. The delayed bytes should never be more than the total bytes, worst case they can be equal, but normally the delayed will be less than the total, ideally delayed should be no more than 50% of total bytes.

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