The 1900 and 2900 switches

Any body please can lead me to a place where I can see a comparison between the commands for configuring the two types of switches, the

1900 and the 2900
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Which series, the 1900XL and 2900XL? Or the 2948? 2948G? 2948G-L3? Cat 2950?

And it's going to depend upon the OS version...

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Walter Roberson

I made a post yesterday, but probably made it way to confusing.

I guess my question is: is it possible to ping a device that has been assigned a static NAT address?

For instance, I have a server

On my router I have:

ip nat inside source static

On my access list, I have permit icmp any host echo-reply

But when I try to ping, I get "destination net unreachable" from the router for the network on which the server resides.

Thank you

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