switches, spanning tree question regarding designated ports and switches

Hi, As far as i understand STP, every switch has one RP with the lowest path cost back to the root switch. If a segment exists with multiple switches attached to it, as in the case of redundancy, am i correct in assuming:

  1. there is only 1 switch which is designated switch and has 1 designated port upon which it forwards frames as it is explained in the books
  2. what does the other switch do ? block everything ?

I think 1 switch allows everything and the other switch blocks everything except for 1 Designated port which it uses for what exactly ?

I'm a bit lost here, i understand until the RP concept, after that i'm slightly confused.

Can anyone put me back on track here? Much appreciated. Also a link to STP loops explained would be welcome, i only see documents with bridge loops explained, but as these are transparent, i think they work slighly different then a modern switch?

Kind regards, bm

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