Switch Redundancy for PIX or Router 2800 series in standby configuration

Does anyone can provide some idea of how to make switch redundancy for PIX and /or Router 2800 series in standby configuration? Requirements are high availability (at list 2 of everything), but not load balancing Thanks

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John Strow
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(?) Fairly straight forward, and for the PIX, has a few chapters in the docs describing failover? You need a switch ahead of the PIXs and a switch behind them for the failover.

For the router, you probably are interested in doing HSRP or VRRP for the LAN side. Depends quite a bit for the other side as for your topology.

There's several Cisco SRNDs on HA..

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Doug McIntyre

I have searched high and low and couldn't find any document from Cisco except this

formatting link
but I'm not sure why i need 4 sw on both sides

If anyone can point to some useful document I'll appreciate


| sw1 | | sw1a | ^ ^ | | v v | fw1 | | fw1a | ^ ^ | | v v | sw2 | | sw2a |


| rt1 | | rt1a | ^ ^ | | v v | sw1 | | sw1a |


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John Strow

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