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Hi all,

currently I have build a new network design with EIGRP. This ws a migration from a flat layer 2 to a full routed network. The routing protokoll is now EIGRP. There is a traditionell hirachy with a core - distribution and access layer. Right now I there are several static routes configured on both core switches. Now I would like to send only summaries from the static routes and the transfer ip ranges to the distribution and access switches.

What is the best practice to appear this routes as summary in the routing table with EIGRP?

greetz dennis

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see Cisco doc "How to configure a summary aggregate address for a specified interface using EIGRP"

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I do this all of time. Create multiple VLANs behind a /16 boundary. Here is an example.

int vlan 10 ip address ! int vlan 11 ip address ! int vlan 12 ip address ! int vlan 10 ip address ! int vlan 10 ip address

router eigrp 100 no auto-summ network ! Then on the egress interface you want to send a summary route. ip summary-route eigrp 100 This is a great method to trim the size of your routing tables, it also keeps reconvergence to a minimum.

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Also the OP should ensure the EIGRP stub routing feature is implemeneted on all access routers to reduce the EIGRP query boundary

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