Strange errors on an ATM switch

We've got an 8510 switch, which works OK for the most part, but some errors have been showing up in the log. They look like:

.Apr 20 12:00:56.536: %ATM-3-ILMIOPTIPOLLFAIL: Internal error (3) in ILMI OPTIPOLL module .Apr 20 12:34:12.411: %ATM-4-ILMIKEEPALIVEFAIL: ILMI(ATM3/1/ima0): Restarting ATM signalling and ILMI. Keepalive failure detected. .Apr 20 12:34:12.415: %ATM-5-ATMSOFTSTART: Restarting ATM signalling and ILMI on ATM3/1/ima0. .Apr 20 12:34:12.475: %ATM-3-ILMIOPTIPOLLFAIL: Internal error (3) in ILMI OPTIPOLL module Apr 20 14:21:50.301: %ATM-3-ILMIOPTIPOLLFAIL: Internal error (3) in ILMI OPTIPOLL module Apr 20 14:31:00.529: %ATM-3-ILMIOPTIPOLLFAIL: Internal error (3) in ILMI OPTIPOL

Is this something to be concerned about?


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If you have Cisco SmartNet support contract for the switch, then open a case with the Cisco TAC

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Well it would worry me - having an 85xx.

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