Netopia 3386-ENT using public and private IP ranges

I have a Netopia 3386-ENT. I also have a 5 static IP addresses. I woul like to use all of the pubic IP addresses on the LAN side as some private 192.168 addresses (via DHCP) that would be NAT'd outbound to the router address. I would rather not NAT the public addresses to private addresses. This is the setup we have:

Public Ranges: (yes, substitituing a 10 net for the real public one - last octet is real, however) - small network between provider's wireless radio and my Netopia - public address range of our static IP's

Radio [] [] Netopia [] hosts []

I would like

Radio [] [] Netopia [ &] hosts [ (static) and 192.168.X.X (dhcp)]

I don't think the passthrough option helps much, since that only works for one address.

I don't see a way to have the Netopia have 2 addresses on the LAN side.

Is this possible to do?

Can this be done with VLANs, perhaps?

If this should be reposted to another groups, please let me know.



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