simple ip route problem

Ok, simple question, I just need a fresh brain on it and don't have any local resources.

I've got a routerA that can ping it's local subnetA, but not the subnetB on the other side of the wan. routerA can ping the remote routerB, and its local subnetA can ping the subnetB IF subnetB host has a local route back via the routerB (default gateway is not routerB, though default gateway knows subnetA is via routerB). On the other had, routerB and subnetB can ping routerA and subnetA without problems, EVEN if they're just using the default gateway to guide their route. See vertical diagram below, all subnets are /24 for simplicity. All routers are Cisco 3640.

subnetA - - defgateway=

routerA ip route ip route

routerB addr. addr. ip route ip route

subnetB - - defgateway=

restofworldrouter ip route

a traceroute from routerA to subnetB dies at (routerB's outside address)

so, what is configured wrong here?

thanks! keith

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Are there any access lists on the routers?

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