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I have a 2621 with the frame relay connection that is showing the following: Module type is 4-wire Switched 56 Hardware revision is B, Software revision is 1.00, Image checksum is 0x42364436, Protocol revision is 1.0 Receiver has no alarms. CSU/DSU Status Flags 'Local DTE Loop Test' ---------------------What does this mean?---------- Current line rate is 64 Kbits/sec Last module self-test (done at startup): Passed Last clearing of alarm counters 01:46:53 oos/oof : 0, loss of signal : 0, loss of frame : 0, rate adaptation attemp: 0

I don't have anything in the running config to indicate that there is a loopback set. I have looked on the web and without finding anything about this statement. The link appears to be working well but, I don't understand why this is in here.

Here is the show running-config for the serial port:

interface Serial0/0 bandwidth 64 no ip address encapsulation frame-relay no fair-queue service-module 56k clock rate 64 ! interface Serial0/0.1 multipoint bandwidth 64 ip address frame-relay map ip 101 broadcast

There is no loopback in the config. So why does the command show that output?

The link is up/up and is passing traffic normally. There are no errors and I am receiving LMI traffic.

If you could point me to another place to check or know what causes this it would be great to know.

Thanks, Travis

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I would check with the Carrier to make sure they don't have any of the lines looped back towards your router.

One way to test this is unplug the 56k circuit from the module and see the module go down. That can prove that the looping is occuring from the telco side. wrote:

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