Iam trying to configure T1 with Cisco 1721. When using service-module commands, i get the following error. ANy ideas on how to proceed further..

Service module configuration command failed: LOCK OBTAIN TIMEOUT.

mycisco#show service-module s0 Module type is T1/fractional Hardware revision is 0.96, Software revision is 0.2, Image checksum is 0x70F47262, Protocol revision is 0.1 Receiver has no alarms. Framing is ESF, Line Code is B8ZS, Current clock source is line, Fraction has 24 timeslots (64 Kbits/sec each), Net bandwidth is 1536 Kbits/sec. Last module self-test (done at startup): results unretrievable Last clearing of alarm counters 00:27:17 loss of signal : 0, loss of frame : 0, AIS alarm : 0, Remote alarm : 0, Module access errors : 0, Total Data (last 80 15 minute intervals): Failed to read total data Failed to read current interval data

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This is usually a hardware problem, but see if rebooting or reseating the service module helps.

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Phillip Remaker

I am receiving this same error (OBTAIN LOCK TIMEOUT) and I hav already reseated the T1 card. I was curious if you resolved thi problem and if it was a hardware issue (card bad, etc.)


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