sh ip int biref displays nothing!

I have a C2950 that when I do a sh ip int brief and then a sh ip int fastethernet x/x (where x/x is one of the interfaces shown as up), I just get an empty return.For example:

SW#sh ip int fastEthernet 0/6

SW#sh ip int fastEthernet 0/3

SW#sh ip int fastEthernet 0/2

SW#sh ip int fastEthernet 0/4

Has anyone ever seen this? CPU utilization is not high (1-2%).


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The 2950 is a layer 2 switch.

The available show interrface related commands are : show interface show interfaces counters show interfaces status show interfaces switchport show interfaces trunk

closest to sh ip int brief would probably be sh int status

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This command is going to show Layer 3 IP info about the interface. On a switch, IP Routing is disabled by default. And typically IP routing is done on a VLAN interface rather than a FastEthernet interface. Try "ip routing" globally, configure IP on an interface, and then "show ip interface". Like "show i p interface vlan1"

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