Router private key lost !


One of my remote branch router lost the private key after standard password recovery procedure. This router has been generated a pair of public/private keys & digital certificate stored in nvram. Last week, the router was forced to perform standard password recovery procedure. After that I found the public key stored in NVRAM was empty by typing 'sh cry key mypublic rsa'. Will this password recovery procedure removed the key stored in NVRAM ? How can I get rid of this happening again ? I'm afraid that password recovery procedure may kill the key again.


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I don't believe you can save the RSA Private key while doing password recovery. Thats kind of the point of having a non-recoverable key store.

Its pretty extraordinary to have to do password recovery in the first place. I'd recommend not doing that, and setup some sort of password archive procedures (print it out on a sheet of paper, lock it in a safe?).

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