Router on a stick

what is the meaning of this question and what's the possible best answer: ============================ Q- Why is router on a stick a necessary solution?

1-because Layer 2 LAN switches can also operate at Layer 3 2-because routers cannot route packets between multiple VLANs 3-because Layer 2 LAN switches can only support a single VLAN 4-because Layer 2 LAN switches cannot switch frames between multiple VLANs ============================================
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google this group for "router on a stick"

That's obviously wrong so you can eliminate that.

That's true on some routers but not all routers.

That's true on some layer 2 switches but not all layer 2 switches.

There are some unusual switches and unusual definitions of VLANs; that one would probably be good for some beer arguments with some old timers.

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Walter Roberson

What is the basic function that a router performs ?

With the answer for that question you can divine the answer to your posted question

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Looks like one of the questions in the CCNA intro book.

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