Roaming between 1232 Access Points


I am wondering how I can configure roaming between access points. I have

3 1232AG APs set up with the same SSID details, when a user moves from within range of 1 AP into the range of another the connection drops until they are re-authenticted onto the new AP.

I have had a look at the Cisco WDS document, but it seems to suggest that you need a WLSE environment.

Can I do what I want with the setup I have, SSID with WPA-PSK authentication and encryption.

Thanks! Jo

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To a large extent, the roaming performance is a function of the client you're using. If you've got an Aironet 350 client, you can set "scan for a better access point" in ACU to have the client look for an AP while still associated to another. If you have a CB21AG, you can adjust Scan Valid Interval and BSS Aging Interval in Device Manager (the latter should always be set to 2x the former) to get more responsive roaming.

As far as what to do on the AP1200s ... focusing on the 11g domain right now, you definitely need to put the three APs on channels 1,

6 and 11. Their coverage areas should provide a fair amount of overlap. One thing you can do to get quicker roaming, if you have enough coverage, is to disable the lower rates. For example, if each AP's coverage at 11/12 Mbps is sufficent to cover your whole service area, then you can disable the lower rates (1, 2, 5.5, 6).

You can enable WDS without WLSE ... this might help a *little* ... however, with WPA-PSK, I wouldn't think it wouldn't make a big difference.


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Aaron Leonard schrieb:

What card, what supplicant? What channels? Do you use a 802.11b/g setup and/or 802.11a in addition?

a/b/g cards need a long time to scan all channels in both bands.

Are your APs connected to the same switch?

Roaming is done by the client. And without any propietary magic the client has to do a full authentication and key exchange.

I'm using CCKM with one AP as WDS and even very sensitive applications like Video streaming or X11 work flawlessly over roaming events.

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