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I want to cover a wide area with several access points wired to ethernet LAN but am confused by different articles/manuals. Some say that to maintain a mobile connection you need each access point on a non overlapping channel (1,6,11) and with the same SSID and encryption. Others seem to say that all the access points must be on the same channel or the connection will be broken when the client switches between them. Won't they just interfere with one another if they are on the same channel? Any pointers to relevant documentation?


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I suspect you can do it either way without any trouble, and I beleive I've tried it both ways. The only difference would be how much traffic you had on your network. If it's just one (or maybe just a few) clients, they won't interfere with each other, and you can put them all on the same channel. If there are a lot of clients you probably want to have separate channels to reduce interference.

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You want the access points to: (a) be on different non-overlapping channels; and (b) have the same SSID and encryption. Having them on the same channel is a very bad idea.

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