Reflexive ACL on 3750

Is it possible to configure reflexive ACL (reflect, evaluate) on catalyst 3750 ? on EMI and on SMI ? version IOS ?

Could you post an example ?

Thanks in advance


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What does the feature navigator say about the feature availability on that platform?

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Walter Roberson

My 3750 running will do it. * 1 24 WS-C3750G-24T

12.1(19)EA1c C3750-I5-M

Here is a *very* simple example from my 6500. The syntax is the same:

interface Vlan10 ip address ip access-group vlan10_in in ip access-group vlan10_out out

ip access-list extended vlan10_in evaluate vlan10_reflect permit icmp any packet-too-big permit icmp any time-exceeded ip access-list extended vlan10_out permit tcp any any reflect vlan10_reflect permit udp any any reflect vlan10_reflect permit icmp any any reflect vlan10_reflect

Hope it helps.

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Thing is, you may want to find out if it does it in hardware, since if it does not you may find that the performance does not meet your requirements.

I would guess that 3750 may do a few 10s of thousands of packets per second in software as opposed to 'whatever it says on the tin' in hardware. Lots and lots of millions I would guess.


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The switch does not support these IOS router ACL-related features: - Reflexive ACLs or dynamic ACLs (except for some specialized dynamic ACLs used by the switch clustering feature)

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The switch does not support these Cisco IOS router ACL-related features: - Reflexive ACLs .......

Cisco seem to be putting (leaving?) commands in IOS that are not always suported. This to me seems a bizarre practise. Maybe this is one of those cases?

Anyway, unless it's a toy installation, I would take cisco's advice.

If you want a firewall, buy one:-)

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