Re: PIX says "no route" even though there is [SOLVED]

I have been complaining here and elsewhere that some PIXen I mangage are emitting log messages like this:

Sep 10 06:15:10 pixinquestion %PIX-6-110001: No route to from

even though, when inspected, they do in fact have a route for the address in question. It turns out the real reason for these messages is that the *next hop* router does not have an appropriate route. So if I have on my PIX, say, the config line:

route vpnside 2

and the router at does not know how to reach, the PIX will emit a message "No route to", which only seems to imply, wrongly, that it's the PIX itself which is lacking a route.

Hope that helps someone.


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Tilman Schmidt
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When the next hop does not have an appropriate route, is it reflecting the packet back to the PIX?

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Walter Roberson

I cannot tell for sure. It's not under my authority and I haven't had an opportunity to sniff the LAN between them. But it would surprise me. More likely it's sending back an ICMP Unreachable.

Is there an easy way to find out from the PIX itself, without connecting external packet sniffer equipment? "debug packet" doesn't seem to work too well.

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