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A question concerning PIX HA setup - I have two PIX 515E running 7.2.2 with the following config:

int Eth 1 ip address A1 int Eth 2 ip address A21 standby A22

What I'd like to have is the standby setup for interfaces 2-5 and a local address on interfaces 0 and 1 (e.g. to be able to get a specific box on the management LAN). The above seems to be supported and it kinda works but it has the same address on the non-standby interfaces, shut down on the passive side. With standby configured, I'd have two addresses but I'd lose the exact knowledge of which box has which address.

The root problem seems to be that in my config, each PIX would have to merge a piece of local config with a another piece of global config. Is tehre a way to get that? PIX 8?



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Frank Winkler
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Tow Solutions: 1) Use IPv6. The interface IPs are different (based on MAC) and will fail in failover for a couple of seconds. In 8.0(2) the bug is fixed and IPv6 has the same behavior like IPv4. 2) Set up multi context mode requiring a specific failover priority. This guarantees, that failover switchs back as soon as possible.

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Lutz Donnerhacke

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