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Hi all,

I have a question about Cisco wireless AP with VLAN and I hope someone can help me. We are using Cisco AP1200 with PEAP and ACS server. I know that Cisco AP can configure VLAN for different security level. Suppose I have this environments:



--- vlan 1

--- for internal staff

--- username: marketing01

--- access right: all internal network

- SSID: SSID_ext

--- vlan 2

--- for vendor

--- username: vendor01

--- access right: Internet only

All users accounts are stored in the ACS server. I suppose the user account "vendor01" can only access the AP using the SSID "SSID_ext". How about if the vendor change their SSID to "SSID_int" and use the "vendor01" account? Can it access the internal network? As I know, the ACS should not know the authentication request is from which vlan. If so, it will be very danger. Please advise. Thanks.

Regards, Dovelet

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Dovelet schrieb:

You can use different RADIUS server for different SSIDs. You can tie a user to a list of allowed SSIDs

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Uli Link


Thanks of your information. Different RADIUS server for different SSID is a solution but we do not want to maintain two RADIUS servers. For your second option, what is "tie a user to a list of allowed SSIDs"? Is it configured in the AP or the ACS server? Please advise. Thanks.

Regards, Murphy

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Dovelet schrieb:

It is configured in the RADIUS or the authentication database behind. Even the IOS embedded RADIUS can limit the allowed SSIDs per group. The same user/passwd will fail authentication associated through a not allowed SSID. Perhaps it is possible for you to setup your RADIUS to listen on 2 IP adresses. So if the APs request comes in via address A check for rule1, else check for rule2... For the AP this will be 2 different RADIUS and the RADIUS needs a criteria to differenciate between the requests, this can be an ip address or a subinterface/VLAN or the associated SSID. Whichever is easier for to setup/evaluated in your RADIUS setup.

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