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Well the question is Can "working" QoS or queuing work on a 828 router? As i havn't played with QoS much.

I tryed place the "service-policy output Voice-policy" on the dailer interface. but after do some show commands no traffics is being place in the class. Place in on the PVC and the ATM subinterface and the show commands looks like it was working but after testing (copy a large File across the wan) and pinging a remote device (ICMP packets were matched as voice traffic).

I also tryed setting up Priority Queuing and apply to both the ATM interface and the dialer interface, but after checking "show interface" looks like no packets were being queued.


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LLQ works on an 837. However at present I am struggling with a 3725. It is NOT working.

It seems that certain queuing may only work on dialer interfaces if Multilink PPP is configured on some platforms!!!!

#sh policy-map int d1 Dialer1

Service-policy output: PM-tointernet

Class-map: CM-voice (match-any) 878199 packets, 188753004 bytes 5 minute offered rate 0 bps, drop rate 0 bps Match: dscp ef 817013 packets, 180365508 bytes 5 minute rate 0 bps Match: dscp cs3 61186 packets, 8387496 bytes 5 minute rate 0 bps Queueing Strict Priority Output Queue: Conversation 136 Bandwidth 270 (kbps) Burst 6750 (Bytes) (pkts matched/bytes matched) 0/0 (total drops/bytes drops) 0/0

Class-map: class-default (match-any) 2063027 packets, 519213659 bytes 5 minute offered rate 7000 bps, drop rate 0 bps Match: any Queueing Flow Based Fair Queueing Maximum Number of Hashed Queues 128 (total queued/total drops/no-buffer drops) 0/0/0

As you can see the packets match the policy but there is no queueing/management.

class-map match-any CM-voice match dscp ef match dscp cs3 ! ! policy-map PM-tointernet class CM-voice priority 270 class class-default fair-queue queue-limit 10

interface Dialer1 bandwidth 512 ip address negotiated ip access-group 190 in ip nat outside ip virtual-reassembly service-policy output PM-tointernet encapsulation ppp ip route-cache flow dialer pool 1 dialer-group 1 crypto map DELETED

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Thats basic what my config looks like but i have tryed appling its tot he PVC. Traffic get matched but looking at the traffic across the WAN the Voice (or ICMP when testing) dont get placed first.

And even with

access-list 198 permit udp any any range 16384 32776 access-list 198 udp any any eq 5060 access-list 198 tcp any any eq 5060 (when testing i put)access-list 198 icmp any any

access-list 199 tcp any any eq 23 access-list 199 tcp any any eq 22

priority-list 1 protocol ip high list 198 priority-list 1 protocol ip medium list 199

interface dialer 2 priority-group 1

or even place it on the ATM interface, doing show interface so no packets are getting queued

Need help with VOip for a SHDSL site, do the new 878 support QoS and does it WORK. or any other SHDSL router to looks at for QoS support.

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There are many documents discussing this on CCO.

It seems than on some platforms dialers only do QoS if multilink PPP is configured.

If you have physical access (to fix it if you lose connectivity) try turning on MPPP. You ISP may support it and you may be up and running.

The Docs refer to 2600 and 3600 but I am not able to get this LLQ going on a 3725 over a Dialer.

I am pretty sure that I have seen this working on an 837.

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