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Hi, new to qos and would like to do the following: voip call centre------routerA------------RouterB---voip phone

IOS (tm) C1700 Software (C1700-SY7-M), Version 12.3(3), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

router A and B has a 2mb e1 circuit between. would like to setup qos for voip between these routers... any pointers as to what need to take into consideration and how tos?

thanks in advance.

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Need some more information:-

How many simultaneous calls do you expect to cross the WAN link? What Codec do you intend to use? Whats the encapsulation of the WAN link? Is it a point-to-point link or some kind of managed service such as FR or MPLS?


ants wrote:

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I think all you need is LLQ. You have a single phone so all you're going to have is one call going over the link. Even with G.711 you'd only have 100kbps for a call.

I'll look for a good link with a configuration for you and post later.

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