QoS not working

I have follow QoS configuration on Cisco Access Point:

class-map match-all _class_testowa1 match access-group name testowywww class-map match-all _class_testowa0 match access-group name testowy

policy-map testowa class _class_testowa0 set cos 6 class _class_testowa1 set cos 0

ip access-list extended testowy permit ip any host permit ip host any permit tcp any any eq 443 deny ip any any

ip access-list extended testowywww permit ip any host permit ip host any permit tcp any any eq www deny ip any any

I only test but when I downloading something from and the speed on both is that same, about 60kbytes/s. I think the speed on :433 port should be much higher then on :80 port. I think the QoS not working:(

Am I right ?

Thanks Pawel R.

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Pawel Rutkowski
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Your ACLs are the exact same as far as your traffic is concerned. Traffic will ignore the rest of the ACL once it matches a single line. Therefore, you want something like the following:

ip access-list extended testowy

ip access-list extended testowwwy permit tcp any eq 80

No need for deny, it is at the end of every ACL by default.

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That's completely correct behavior. You are not limiting bandwidth - you are setting CoS (Class of Service) Layer2 marking on the frames. When they hit the router, if it set to honor CoS and convert it to DSCP, then it will be in the play. Also, your next router should be set up to limit or prioritize traffic based on CoS or DSCP. However even with all that, if your pipe is empty, everyone will take whatever it requests.

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