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Hi. I Configurin PPPoE Server on Cisco. It is Successfull. It is connecting. But there 1 problem. Users can connect in local. But can not connect to outside. How can i configure NAT in that configuration. What should i do. Pls help Me. Sry For my english.

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Hopefully your routers are fairly beefy ones, because many SP's find that doing NAT PPPoE terminations will bog down any modest boxes fairly quickly. There's not many docs about it because its typically not done that way. Are you sure you don't want to setup real public IP pools and save whoever from double NATing in all cases and any of the problems it could cause?

Another option is to have the NAT box beyond the LNS box, so they can be dedicated to their own functions.

Your questions are probably better suited to something like the cisco-nsp mailing list, but doing NAT in the VPDN server environment isn't any different than doing NAT on anything else cisco.

Just treat your virtual-template as the real interface you'd be doing NAT on, and remember that it'll be cloned as many times as you have logins, so you'll need to make it pull IPs out of pools, and NAT inside on the template.

Its a simple straight forward extension of Cisco NAT in any other case. Although, the end result might not be too pleasent.

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