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I am looking at purchasing an ASA5505 firewall - the main reason is to take advantage of the VPN connectivity of the device, but I have a couple of questions:

  1. Does the device support IPV6 natively, and has anyone used it here? With what success?

  1. Is it possible to forward packets coming to a specific IP address from an external interface to another port on the same IP? For example, I have a mail server with a separate instance of Sendmail on port 250 with specific throttles and spam control. I want to forward users coming into this machine externally on port 25 through to the new port. I don't use NAT here.

Thanks. Andrew.

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Andrew Hodgson
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static (inside,outside) tcp PUBLICIP 25 INTERNALIP 250 netmask

If you aren't using NAT then just make PUBLICIP and INTERNALIP the same.

Note: there is more than one way of telling PIX and ASA that you are not using NAT, and some of those ways of higher priority than the above 'static' line. The priority ordering is described in the documentation for the 'static' command.

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Walter Roberson

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