PIX 525 as a router

Our local phone company has sold us a PIX 525 and is stating that it will act as the router on the outside edge of our network. We're questioning how that will work. Our ISP and an outside network consultant are also questioning this. But the phone company engineers are insisting that it will work just fine.

I know someone on this group can answer that. Can the PIX 525 actually function as the external router? Our current setup is:

Tasman (Nortel) Router --> PIX 515 --> Packetshaper --> Cisco 6509 --> internal network

What the phone company is proposing is:

PIX 525 --> Packetshaper --> Cisco 6509 --> internal network

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Are you getting a Metro Ethernet connection? What type of connection is the Telco hooking it to?

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Chad Mahoney

Then, the telco is right.

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Lutz Donnerhacke

Ya I too feel telco guy is right. PIX 525 with IP Level access and routes can replace a router


Lutz D> > It's a Gigaman connection.

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It works very well; I have done it before with 2x pix 515E with failover and allot netenforcer

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Xavier Veral

If your present router do NOT run any QoS AND your connections is delivered in a Ethernet interface, then you have no problems. Beware, though, that dualhomed ISP, BGP etc are router functions, hence your PIX will not support that in the same manner as a real router. you might run into design issues in the future on this account. Allthough PIXOS 7.xx will remedy some of this.

Hope it makes sense.

HTH Martin Bilgrav

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Martin Bilgrav

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